Procurement strategy

Identify, preconize and define an action plan

FlexBuy Concept offers "in situ" studies by auditing of your Purchasing activities.
• Evaluate the quality of the Purchasing organization.
• Enhance the competencies of the Procurement department, survey and develop the operational teams, explore their autonomy.
• Qualify the performance of purchasing processes.
• Identify saving opportunities on all purchasing items, to impact results and profits.

FlexBuy Concept will build a complete action plan on short and long term activities.

Implement a Purchasing strategy

A good strategy is the accelerator for sustainable results, it is built around your axes of progress.
• Implementation of Purchasing policy, broken down into differentiated strategies by purchasing segment.
• The development of skills, key to success: present, plan, influence, develop, enrich.
"Make or buy".
Supply base optimization.
International approach.

FlexBuy Concept helps you in formulating and implementing your purchasing strategies.