Secure & Sustain

Secure & sustain

Our know-how, our reputation, our signed commitment are security guarantees.
Our core values are assets to trust us and submit us your improvement project related to your Purchasing activities.

Sustaining our advice is the result of all this construction for an added value of your Purchases, from the latest technical evolution to a rigorous progress methodology.

It's our DNA, our brand, our signature.

Contract management
FlexBuy Concept intervenes and advises you on the entire contractual life cycle.
- In the creation phase, we intervene in the formalization of the need to purchase: the drafting of specification, the launching of call for tenders, the analysis and the clarification of the offers.
- For the negotiation phase, we have the set of documents that formalize the agreements between the parties: general conditions, special conditions, confidentiality agreement, quality assurance plan, security plan, framework contract...
- In the validation phase, we make available the negotiation tools integrating the materialization of the agreements, until the resolution of possible conflicts.

Relationship management
- FlexBuy Concept is also involved in the selection, evaluation and development of the supplier panel.
- FlexBuy Concept participates in the promotion of the Purchasing Function inside the company.
- We identify the source information needed for the realization by the critical analysis of the activity.

Budget management
- FlexBuy Concept manages and monitors costs, including deadlines, penalties and more generally all deliverables.
- We proceed to a prioritization of the activities faced with the evolutions and constraints and intervene in the management of the risks and the opportunities.