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Strategic and Operational Consulting for Purchasing


During a first free purchasing audit we determine a diagnosic, recommendation and action plan.

In operational support, a consultant deploys part or all of the Purchasing process with our Customers (research, rating and qualification of a new supplier, preparation and launch of a call for tenders, negotiation and implementation of contracts, management of dispute). As an illustration, for the modernization of a plant of a petrochemical consortium, FlexBuy Concept took over the responsibility for the investments for a budget of 30 M€ with gains of 1.3 M€.

In strategic development, a performance expert is at your side to boost your added value and increase your results. For example, in an Alsatian mechanical SME, our action increased their net income by 27%.

FlexBuy Concept also offers transition management solutions in Purchasing during a vacant position or ad hoc support.

On request, we also provide you with various standard documents (calls for tenders, evaluation of offers, qualification of suppliers, framework contracts).

We can also support you in the search for candidates in your future recruitments.

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Do not hesitate to contact us: contact@flexbuy-concept.com

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FLEXBUY CONCEPT shares its expertise in the field of Purchasing by helping businesses and organisations to implement quick and efficient solutions for a sustainable performence optimization.

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FLEXBUY CONCEPT is a consultancy and project developer, launched in 2016, helping businesses and organisations to succeed in there Purchasing activities. We provide flexible and environmentally friendly solutions, tailored to the purchasing needs of our Clients.

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With a PhD in Chemistry and a master in Business Management, Vincent Burger the founder of FLexBuy Concept, at first leads a laboratory in a fine chemistry company.

With the curiosity to know the functioning of a company as a whole, he can measure the stakes of Purchasing. Function in which he has been investing for more than 20 years in different positions and various sectors of activity.

In 2016, result of acquired experience, his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to found FlexBuy Concept in order to train FlexBuyer's, federators of the deployment of the Purchasing in an industrial environment.

The vocation of FlexBuy Concept is to be alongside its Clients, the specialist in the development of Procurement.