Our interventions

CHEMISTRY : Investment Procurement

• Leading the investment purchases up to € 30 million for the revamping and modernization of a high-performance industrial rubber production site.

• Preparation and launch of call for tenders for EPC, engineering, construction and equipment contracts.
• Technical and commercial clarification of offers.
• Evaluation, qualification and selection of suppliers.
• Negotiation.
• Reporting and contract awarding.
• Management of contracts, order modifications, claim management.

• Respect of milestones and budget.
• Qualification of new supply sources
• Securing by framework contracts.
• Saving of € 1.31 million.

AUTOMOTIVE: Program procurement

• Ensure International Project Procurement position for a Tier 1 automotive supplier.
• Take over purchases of instrument panel and central console components 6 months before SOP,
• Recover the budget drift and
• Transfer of negotiated contract terms to the US production facility.

Budget variance analysis for estimated annual purchase of € 38 million.
• RFQ's from LCC suppliers (China, Mexico and Eastern Europe) and local factory (USA, Canada).
Renegotiation of pre-serial and serial prices for 47 suppliers.

• SOP insured with
• Cost savings of 935 k€,
• Enrichment of the LCC Supplier Panel and
• Transfer of contracts put in place at the American production plant.

ENERGY: Project Purchasing

Procurement of piping and valves for various international projects of nuclear power plants.

• Launching of CFT's.
• Analysis and selection of offers.
• Selection, audit and supplier evaluations.
Negotiation of prices and commercial conditions.
• Budget validation.
• Tracking orders and deadlines.
• Management of penalties.

• Enrichment of the supply base (India, USA).
• Procurement amount of € 50 million.
• Savings 4.5%.

MECHANICAL: Strategic purchasing

• Constitution and organization of Purchasing department (€ 10.1 million) of a developer and manufacturer of industrial closure and opening solutions.

• Development and deployment of the general procurement policy with differentiated purchasing strategies for each commodity.
• Description of the activity by setting up purchasing procedures.
• Negotiation of long term agreements for energy (electricity and gas), investments and components (motorisation, metal profiles and others).

• Increase in profits of 32% after 6 months of intevention.
ISO 9001 certification.
• Securing of activity by contracting of LTA's.
• Monitoring of activity by introduction of KPI's.

AUTOMOTIVE: Contract Management

• Contract Manager for a German leading automotive group: finalization of a 5-year supply contract of Li-ion battery cells with a Japanese industrial group.

• Development of negotiation tools.
• Development of reporting tools.

• End negociation and completition of Corporate, Quality Insurance and 5-years supply contracts with investment for € 600 million business of Li-ion battery cells.